Wishes Tree Employees

Moshe Tzabar

Moshe has been with Ofer Zohar since before Wishes Tree became a recognized brand name, and has over 20 year of experience working beside Ofer. In 1993 Moshe joined the workshop to start fulfilling table wishes, and today he is in charge of developing and constructing extension solutions for dining tables. Moshe says that for him “Wishes Tree is a home, a fun place to work every day.” Every visitor to the Creation Zone of the workshop, seeing Moshe work, can tell this is a man who loves working with wood.

Itzhak Ashkenazi

Itzhak is THE wood painter. As part of our (Israeli) table fulfillment process customers are invited to see the production of their table right before the parts are sent to the paint shop, so Itzhak meets every couple that fulfills a table at Wishes Tree. Itzhak’s specialty is the intuitive understanding of the customer’s wishes, and being able to match a unique hue to those wishes. Itzhak is in charge of the paint shop since 2010. He says that although he is with us only a short time, the workshop is a home and a place of enjoyment.

Anat Bernhard

Anat runs Wishes Tree’s finances and supplier relations. She joined Wishes Tree in the beginning of 2010 and since then she reigns from her office, adjacent to the workshop, over the supplier aspect of the business. Anat, together with Ofer, meticulously selects our raw materials suppliers and oversees them as part of the Wishes Tree quality control system. Anat says that for her working at Wishes Tree is quite an experience. She loves how in her workplace she can just enter the Creation Zone and experience Zionist creation.

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Sarit Strumza

Sarit joined us at the end of 2012. Now she is Deputy CEO and Ofer’s right hand in all aspects of customer service and marketing management. Her office is also adjacent to the workshop, inside the Dream Gallery, where many of you, our customers, come to experience, feel and see our hosting solutions. Sarit has told us one of the things that drive her is the company of the people she works with, from the table fulfillers in the Creation Zone to the customers that visit us.

Ofer Zohar

Ofer is CEO and third generation wood craftsman and is the beating heart of Wishes Tree’s hosting solutions creation process. In 2002 Ofer changed the workshop’s sphere of activity and reopened the company as Wishes Tree, selling exclusively to the private sector. From that moment on all production became customized to the customer’s wishes. This change spawned many more, making Wishes Tree what it is today, a leading brand, known for high quality and ensuring the Zionist creation ideal. Ofer is in charge of solution invention (beginning with finding the customer’s problem or difficulty), and while not working on new inventions acts as a wild card, going between the table fulfillers, checking, commenting and enlightening. Once in a while he devotes himself to the saw and the woodworking he loves so much. Ofer told us that for him, Wishes Tree is a place to fulfill dreams, a place that provides solutions to the clientele and a place where he can fulfill himself.

Shany Zohar

Shany is the Media Marketing Manager. She became an employee in 2007 but ever since she was a child she spent hours daily in the workshop. Apparently the desire to create and design is hereditary, since she has chosen to study engineering, in the Shenkar Engineering and Design College. She has proven her abilities, graduating with honors. Her specialty in Wishes Tree is marketing and advertising in electronic and traditional media. Wishes Tree is a second home for her, a place she grew up in and developed and is still developing, both in knowledge and in discovering new abilities.

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Yaniv Zohar

Yaniv is Ofer’s youngest child. From the age of six he frequents the Creation Zone usually right after school, jumping on his bike and pedaling to the workshop. Every summer vacation Yaniv comes and helps out with table sanding and chair upholstery. In the last two years Yaniv has discovered hidden talents as a sale and service representative and is the star of the Wishes Tree booth in the annual Furniture Expo. Yaniv creates a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere that combines with knowledge and professionalism to bring the Expo visitors to purchase their required tables and chairs from him despite his young age and appearance. Yaniv has declared that he wants to first become a woodworker and then enter an administrative position and help his father manage the company.

Wishes Tree Employees

Saar Modai

Saar is our youngest table fulfiller. He joined Wishes Tree in 2013 and is an apprentice carpenter. His role is central – fitting and assembling the extension rails on small tables, a task that requires skill and accuracy so that the extension would be up to Wishes Tree’s standards – comfortable, safe, easy and aesthetic. Additionally, Saar cuts the essential small parts which are later mounted on to the tables. Saar has told us that for him, working at Wishes Tree is challenging, interesting and unique. Every day he learns something new, and for him that is the real fun.

Wishes Tree Employees

Yossi Gurkan

Yossi joined the Wishes Tree sales team in 2012, and ran the store while it was open. Yossi has 30 years experience in sales, and he speaks 5 languages fluently, including Turkish, Spanish and French. He’s settled himself into the Dream Gallery, beside Sarit, and can be seen every day toiling and taking care to keep the place orderly, inviting and relatively free of encroaching sawdust from the Creation Zone. Beyond that, Yossi is very technically proficient and he helps the table fulfillers carry out machine maintenance in the Creation Zone. Yossi says Wishes Tree has a pleasant social atmosphere, from both his colleagues and the clientele, and the work excites him. When he offers to make coffee, answering yes is recommended.

Danny Dresel

Danny joined the table fulfillers’ team in 2014, but is also a past employee of Wishes Tree. He has 28 year of carpentry experience, and his main expertise is chair assembly. At Wishes Tree his roles are making and assembling chairs, making the table legs, and initial table assembly. Danny says working with wood is but, but working side by side with the Wishes Tree team is even more fun. According to him it is a stable workplace, with an uncompromising level of quality.

Wishes Tree Employees