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Standard production? Exactly the opposite – In the long-standing factory of “The Wishing Tree”, the tradition of manual labor has been preserved since the early days of wood deafness. Employees invest their unique skills in creating fine and rare furniture for all customers when everyone gets personal attention.



The focused and focused gaze of the workers for each part of the product gives its mark to the finished product: dining tables in the best Israeli tradition ” Well designed”, functional and exceptionally magnificent ” The range of tables has a magnification of up to four times the original size, all according to the wishes, requirements and desires of the customer. In ” Wishing Tree ” Use manual production techniques, which are felt in every detail of the product and evaluated by the clientele. With an expert hand and a lot of love, the employees create a unique quality product

Our factory “WOOD WISHES”, produces unique furniture solutions, AL & WOOD WISH & The customer comes with a request, a desire or a specific need. Ofer Zohar, the table designer of the Wishing Tree and the third generation of wooden boards, translates these desires into a unique table and prepares a detailed sketch of the desired product, including the details of the measurements, the type of wood and the opening style.

After approval by the customer, the table enters the production process so that each part of the table is produced separately by the employee in charge and is assembled in stages until the finished product is received. After assembling the table the customer arrives at the factory to demonstrate the table at its initial stage and to select a color. In the selection, color, the expert prepares several samples of color on the selected tree type to best

illustrate what the finished product will look like. Once selected, the table is broken down again and painted the desired color. At the end of the process the table is sent and assembled at the customer’s home

In “Wishing Tree ” Each item has its own address and serial number so that the first segment knows who will own it at the end of the production process. The tables are made of the finest materials, with the trees used for production intended from the beginning of their lives for the furniture industry only. The individual work, the final finish and the rigorous manufacturing process attest to loyalty, partnership and personal attention to each and every customer

The factory employs expert artists, each of whom has a specific role and specialization. One employee, who is in charge of developing and assembling solutions for hosting corners and opening tables. The second is an expert in adapting and assembling the tracks to increase the small tables. This work requires maximum skill and precision, since their connection to the table must be done with a tenth of a millimeter, so the opening and closing will be as promised from the wish tree opening table –  Light, comfortable, safe and aesthetic. The third, responsible for the quality of the process of fulfillment of the wish tree. Responsible for maintaining work procedures with the complex mechanical equipment and of course quality and security inspections in various departments in the factory

The color is responsible for polishing and coloring the table with a thesis of no less than six separate layers, in order to maintain the durability of the color and shine of the table over the years. But even after the table is ready, it stays for up to a week, for rigorous quality checks, before being sent to customers. Reason: Acclimation and drying of color

Ofer Zohar – Entrepreneur, founder and owner of the Wishing Tree

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