A Little About Israel

Trees and Environment

Did you know that Israel is one of only two countries in which the amount of trees in the beginning of the 21st century was higher than the amount in the beginning of the 20th? We are proud to be a part of that fact, by contributing to the JNF in each customer’s name.

A Little About Israel

Culture and Cultural Memory

With over 200 museums, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world.

Essential Production

In Israel the desert is being seeded. The largest water desalination plant is in Sorek in central Israel. During the coming year around 40% of Israeli water consumption (700 million cubic meters) will be from desalination plants. As for sewage treatment, Israel is number one in the world, recycling four times more water than number two (Australia).

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A Little About Israel

Auxiliary Production

Israel has the largest ratio of R&D workers in the world, 140 per 10,000 employees. US, in second place, has 85 R&D workers per 10,000 employees.

Education is in our Genes

The Wall St. Journal has rated Israel the second most educated country, after Canada.

Real Security

Israel’s streets are safer than most countries in the world (including Britain, France, and Italy…)

More Figures

30 years ago total exports were $10 billion, today $90 billion.

30 years ago total tech exports were $0, today $28 biliion.

30 years ago total population was 4.1 million, today 8.2 million.

30 years ago goods and services production was $30 billion, today $320 billion.

30 years ago GNP per capita was $7,000, today $39,900.

Buying Israeli goods and products is true pride, support of the only country we really have.

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A Little About Israel