Infinite extension

The table is made of oak, size 1.50 / 95 m. The table structure can be enlarged with a 2 – inch drawer drawer, each with a width of 50 cm and a total of 1.00 m.

In addition, you can increase it from the middle by an additional 4 increments each with a width of 50 cm & a total of 2.00 m.
At the opening of the table, it increases from 1.50 m to 4.50 m at full opening
Matrix table is one of the flagship products of the wish tree, in its closed state do not see the magnification option, but when it opens, it reaches a size up to 4 times its original size. Each table has a hidden magnifying glass attached to each table. You can add in the middle of the table, up to 8 internal increments.
When opening the table from the middle, we maintain the stability of the table with two legs moving to the sides. The addition of Teflon plates at the foot of the table allows you to move the table very easily and without scratching the flooring or parquet at home.
Matrix table made of oak with diagonal lines.


The leg structure allows uninterrupted seating and maximum comfort around the table
The wish tree installs in some of the tables, a dedicated drawer for a holy utensil, or a drawer for serving utensils.

Thinking about the customer experience

A high level of finish of the table, which includes rounded corners of all the parts of the table in the visible and invisible part of the table, which gives the customer a sense of performance of work at a high professional level. The use of the table is easy and convenient and allows for 32 guests. All these empower the customer experience.

Smart Use

The intelligent use of ball bearings for patent drawers and opening from the middle enables proper use and use of the tracks to enlarge the table, every 50 cm to 5.5 m and to store drawer enlargements and mid-size enlargements.

Expanding tables

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