Optimus frame table

The wish tree carpentry factory produces Optimus Frame, which in 2013 won the first prize in the Design, Matching and Innovation Competition of the Israel Manufacturers’ Association. It is a table that opens on both sides with hidden drawer enlargements located inside the table.
The prize was awarded to the table thanks to the unique opening and human engineering of his legs. Among the reasons for his win, the ceremony said: “Understanding the specific needs and adapting the table and its legs to demand, without compromising design and functionality, is truly the realization of a table.”
The top surface of the table is clean and uniform. ” Open steps ” Of Optus Frame, is a permanent feature in some of the tables produced by the “Wishing Tree”. The unique opening allows for size and adjustment games as needed. With its special inner legs, the table moves easily when opened. Opening the magnification gives it maximum stability. Due to the unique design of the table legs, sitting next to it is comfortable and attaching the chairs to the table when not sitting on them, easy and comfortable.

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