Bamboo wooden table

Bamboo Table The Milan model is designed in a clean line, giving it an elegant, light, airy look
It opens from the middle of the table to the 3 light-weight increments in an internal storage built into the center of the table. It comes with internal enlargements when the opening is executed ” in stages ”
The table is made of solid wood and custom made. It can be ordered in any size and number of enlargements as needed, wood type and finish by choice
The table opens at 1.90 * 1.00 m, can be enlarged from the middle on  3 extra enlargements with each width 50 cm wide  2.00m total.
At the opening of the table, it increases from 1.90 m to 3.40 m at full opening
The table has a uniform upper surface and has a clean line. By choosing the right finish and type of wood, you can give a beautiful and traditional color. The table can be opened with a slight pull without lifting or using physical force. The number of internal enlargements at the table is determined by its basic size. The table legs, decorated with teflon discs at the foot of the table, allow you to move the table very easily and without scratching the flooring or parquet at home.
The uniqueness of the Milan table is a slight attraction on one side and opens on the other


The leg structure allows uninterrupted seating and maximum comfort around the table.

Thinking about the customer experience

A high level of finish of the table, which includes rounded corners of all the parts of the table in the visible and invisible part of the table, which gives the customer a sense of performance of work at a high professional level. The use of the table is easy and convenient and allows for 22 guests. All these empower the customer experience.

Smart Use

Intelligent use of patented ball bearings for drawers and opening from the middle enables the proper use and use of the tracks to increase the table and to store drawer enlargements and mid-size enlargements.

Expanding tables

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