California table opens up to 5 meters

California table made of American walnut, size 1.80 * 95, the table structure can be enlarged with two magnets of patented drawer with 50 cm total width of approx. 1.00 m.
The table can be opened within 3 meters of its basic size, using the enlargements that open on both sides of the table and add, each, 1.5 meters.

During the opening of the table, it increases from 1.80 m to 4.80 m at full opening
Model ” California ” Has a pleasant surprise for consumers. Although there are no signs showing it can be opened, it consists of two patents of the questions tree: the two enlargements combined with the opening of the table and the enlargement of a hidden drawer that can be easily opened. The table comes with a familiar patent of the Wishing Tree, ” Opening Steps “. As we open the table from the middle, we maintain the stability of the table with two legs moving sideways.
A table without opening from the middle, enlarging from the sides


The leg structure allows uninterrupted seating and maximum comfort around the table.

Thinking about the customer experience

A high level of finish of the table, which includes rounded corners of all the parts of the table in the visible and invisible part of the table, which gives the customer a sense of performance of work at a high professional level. The use of the table is easy and convenient and allows 28 guests to sit. All these empower the customer experience.

Smart Use

Intelligent use of ball bearings for drawers that allows proper use and utilization of the tracks to increase the table to 6.40 m and to store drawer enlargements and mid-enlarges to maximize.

Expanding tables

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