How to Choose a Luxury Dining Table

What makes a luxury table luxurious?

Luxury is not a trait determined by price, but by the look and feel of a quality product. Meaning, when you are searching for a luxury dining table, a high price will not define it as luxurious. Luxury is a combination of unique design, quality materials, and careful attention to detail when creating a product. A dining table’s beauty and luxury can be maximized by patented mechanisms that upgrade the functionality and comfort of the table.

Incorporating the table’s design into the interior design

Upgrading the look of the dining room, whose role is mainly functional, can be done by placing a decorated vase on the dining table, hanging a picture on the wall above the table, adding matching chairs to the table and placing a tablecloth or runner to complement the table’s design. One of the main advantages of an extendable dining table is its flexibility – being able to place it almost anywhere, without it taking up too much space.

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How to Choose a Luxury Dining Table

What a luxury dining table is made of

Luxury dining tables are made of various materials. Lumber, such as pine, walnut, oak and others can be combined with glass, mosaics, stones, metals and more. In essence, these days there’s no limit to the materials chosen for a dining table. The choice is made by the table designers or by a custom order from clients looking to buy a luxury table, unique in design and functionality.

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How to Choose a Luxury Dining Table

Why we prefer to purchase a unique dining table

Although most of the public buys trendy products, people prefer to find a fashionable but unique product. This rule is no different when it comes to luxury dining tables. The furniture market is flooded with table designs, some local, some imported. However, many search for furniture workshops that make custom ordered designs. These are made with high standards, innovative and unique designs. Customers are given the option to plan and design with a designer, a dining table for their demands and needs.

Many Israeli families face the need to host their loved ones around a table not big enough to hold everyone present. In the Wishes Tree workshop customers can order a luxury dining table that would answer their various needs and desires. Wishes Tree manufactures extending dining tables with patented mechanisms, capable of extending up to 4 times their original length. These are uniquely designed dining tables with uncompromising quality – true luxury tables.

How to Choose a Luxury Dining Table